Welcome to Anchorage Dojo

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will increase. You may choose to learn Judo for fun, as an effective form of self-defense, for the health benefits, to increase your balance and coordination, or as a competitive sport. Whatever the reason, we welcome you to our martial arts school and look forward to having you in our classes.

If you would like more information, please stop by the dojo during class times or call Sensei Bruce Neeno at (907)227-5057 or Sensei Mark Langberg at (907) 250-7895.

The Martial Art of Judo

The word “judo” (pronounced jŭdō) is formed from two Japanese words, and is often translated as “the gentle way”.
ju meaning gentle, supple, or to give way.
do meaning “way of life”. This idea of “the gentle way” takes many facets in Judo.

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For example, using the principles and techniques of Judo a smaller weaker individual can overcome and control a larger stronger aggressor; bringing them into submission by utilizing the force of the aggressor as well as balance and leverage. To overcome the aggressor, the weaker person must give way to the attack. If they were to meet it head on, they would overcome by the strength of the aggressor. As they give way, they can add their strength to the aggressors attack bringing them off balance. They can then use their body as a fulcrum to tip the already off balanced aggressor over. Once on the ground, using other techniques, the weaker person can then control the aggressor or bring them into physical submission using strangulation or joint locking
(Note: strangulation and joint locking techniques are only taught to students of sufficient age, maturity, and skill.)

Judo focuses on controlling your opponent using balance, leverage, and your oppentents force; versus striking techniques such as punching and kicking which are focused in martial arts such as karate and kung fu.

Judo is comprised of 68 distinct throws, 8 basic pins, 12 basic chokes, 10 basic joint locks, and many variations to each of these as well as escapes and counters for them.

The martial art of Judo originated in Tokyo Japan in 1882. It was primarily developed based on various schools of ju jutsu, and was refined as a martial art and training
system around two main principals: Seiryoku Zenyo, maximum efficiency with minimum effort, and Jita-Kyoe, mutual welfare and benefit. Dr. Kano, the founder of Judo, included the second idea to balance the first. With these ideas in mind, all core techniques have been developed such that experienced judoka, or judo practitioners, can practice the core techniques at full speed on specially designed mats without serious risk of injury.


Anchorage Dojo is a member organization of Alaska Judo Inc., USA Judo, 50th State Yudanshikai, and the United States Judo Federation

Anchorage Dojo is currently practicing at ChangePoint Church located at ChangePoint, 6689 Changepoint Dr in Anchorage. Please enter through the east doors. Go up the stairs or elevator, the dojo will be to your right and down the hall.
Anchorage Dojo is currently looking for a new location. The ideal location will allow us to leave the mats down. However, we will consider a shared location where we put the mats down and pick them up. The location must also have adequate parking. If you believe you know of a suitable location, please let us know.

As a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, Anchorage Dojo welcomes any material or monetary donations. Because we are viewed by the IRS as a tax-exempt charitable organization, your donations may be deductible for federal tax purposes. Consult your personal tax advisor.